Call them on the telephone using this script

If you’re going to call an email marketer you will want to make sure you can prove that the conversation took place somehow. If you live in a state that allows one-party consent telephone conversation recording you are well within your rights to record the telephone call you make to the emailer.

There are 12 states that do not allow recording of a telephone call unless all parties to the call give their consent:

MontanaNew HampshirePennsylvaniaWashington

If you live in a state other than those listed above you may be entitled to record the call. Check with qualified legal representation to be sure.

Get the Proper Telephone Recording Gear

You will want to acquire two items to be able to record your telephone calls successfully. They are:


You will need a digital voice or tape recorder with a microphone jack.

Dozens of these are available on Ebay for less than $20.

IMPORTANT: Be absolutely sure the one you get has an external 1/8 inch microphone jack!

Recording Control

You will also need some type of telephone recording control.

These are available at Radio Shack for around $15 (Cat. #43-1237)

Sometimes you can get lucky and find one of these on Ebay as well.

The Recording Control device simply plugs into the handset jack on your land line telephone. Then your handset plugs into it. The 1/8th inch phono plug plugs into the microphone jack on your recorder. You’re all set. Make a test call to your wife, girlfriend or whoever to make sure it is plugged in correctly and working.

Using the Radio Shack Recorder Control #43-1237 (shown above), the wiring of it will look something like this:

Use this Telephone Script

Even if you only have one domain listed at OptOutByDomain.com use this script which insinuates that you have more than one. It will make it seem easier to the email marketer to just use our list instead of having you tell him each and every one of your “domains”. (After all, it’s not like spammers have never done anything misleading to YOU, right?) Call the email marketer and tell them the following:

You: I publically opted out of receiving email offers from third parties but I am still getting email from your company. I need to see about get my domains off of your email marketing lists.
The email marketer may transfer you to someone else within their organization or they may say...

The Email Marketer: What is your domain name?/What is your email address?

You: I need all of my domain’s email addresses removed. All of my domains are listed in the database at www.OptOut1.com.

There is a download link at the top of the page that has all of the domains that have publically opted out.

Just go to www.OptOut1.com.

The Email Marketer: What is the address?

You: That’s O-P-T-O-U-T-1-.-C-O-M with no spaces.

The Email Marketer: (might ask if it is OptOut1 or OptOutOne)

You: (Tell them it works either way, with the number “1”, or with “o-n-e” spelled out.)
(Wait for the email marketer to pull up the OptOut1 site... Then, after you confirm that he is pulling it up, tell him the following:)

You: Several of us domain owners have gotten together in an effort to get opted out of email lists. We have all added our domains to this database so that we can regain control of our in-boxes by excersizing our rights under the existing spam laws. Please click the link that says:
An Open Letter to Email Marketers - Click Here
(The email marketer may have questions or objections at this point. Calmly tell him/her why you joined OptOutByDomain.com by stating the following substituting the “##” with the actual number of spams you get a day...)

You: I receive about ## email offers every day. It is not convenient for me to opt out every email address to which I receive these offers. I joined OptOutByDomain.com as a way of making my desire not to receive email offers public. If you need to know more about the OptOutByDomain.com database they have a FAQ section specifically for email marketers such as yourself, just click the FAQ link on the OptOutByDomain.com front page.
(If the email marketer is uncooperative or seems unwilling to agree to clean their list with the OptOutByDomain.com database state the following:)

You: Section 5 of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requires that you provide me with a way to submit a request not to receive future electronic mail messages from you. Your opt-out mechanism does not allow me to opt out my entire domain at once.

I have received email offers to multiple email addresses and I wish to opt out all of my email addresses at once. I would kindly request that you honor my opt out request by removing my domains from all email marketing lists that you own, rent, lease or manage on behalf of others. Please clean your email list against the OptOutByDomain.com database.

If calling them doesn’t work

If the email marketer is unable to access the OptOutByDomain.com web site, ask him for his fax number or snail mail address. Depending on which one he gives you, try one of the following:

Fax them a notice to stop emailing

Write them a certified letter