Fax them a CEASE AND DESIST Request

Sometimes you will have better luck faxing your request than you will trying to do so by telephone. Below you will find several files. All of them are identical in content but they are different file formats depending on what is best for you to print and fax.

If you need Adobe Acrobat, you can download Acrobat Reader here

Faxing your opt out request to the email marketer is good because you will have a transmission acknowlegement (assuming your fax machine prints one) that you can use to later prove that you faxed a request to the emailer. Choose any of the following files that best suits your needs.

Choose a file format to download

Adobe Acrobat File (36k)

Microsoft Word file (21k)

RTF File (7k)

HTML file (3k)

Be sure and retain your fax transmission receipt and keep it in a safe place in case you need it. Invariably you will need to prove that the request was made so it is best to file this important evidence away some place safe where you will be able to easily find it if needed at some point in the future.

It wouldn’t hurt to fax it to our offices including a note containing the details to whom and when you faxed it. Our toll free fax number is 1.888.211.2999.

REMEMBER, we don’t need a copy of the actual opt out request, only a copy of your fax transmission receipt with a note explaining to whom and where it was faxed.

If faxing them doesn’t work

If the email marketer does not have a fax number, or if you simply cannot get through on his fax line, try one of the following:

Call them on the telephone

Write them a certified letter