Send them a certified CEASE AND DESIST Letter with Return Receipt Requested

If all else fails you can always send the spammer a certified letter. This way you can prove that your opt out request was received by the email marketer with a return receipt. Below you will find several files. All of them are identical in content but they are different file formats depending on what is best for you to print and mail.

Sending your request to the email marketer via certified mail is good because you will have a return receipt that you can use to later prove that you sent your request to the emailer. Choose any of the following files that best suits your needs.

Choose a file format to download

Microsoft Word file (21k)

RTF File (7k)

ASCII Text file (3k)

If you would rather not spend the money on postage for certified mail

If you would just as soon not spend money on certified mail or if you do not know the email marketer’s postal mailing address, try one of the following:

Call them on the telephone

Fax them a notice to stop emailing