Monthly Updates

The members of OptOutByDomain.com ask very little.

  1. We ask that you remove our domains from your mailing list(s) as outlined in our Open Letter to email marketers.

  2. We further ask that you return to this site 12 times per year on the first day of each month to update your supression system(s) with our updated MONTHLY list.

  3. If you need help remembering to do this you may sign up for a reminder from www.ChangeDetection.com.
That’s it. Our desire is to opt out ONCE. One time. PERIOD.

We are simply asking for bulk emailers everywhere to respect our rights to the quiet, peaceful enjoyment of our email accounts.


Why should I cooperate with OptOut1 Networks?
You should cooperate with the request of our members to be removed from your database(s) because the vast majority of the members of OptOutByDomain.com are hard core anti-spammers. By removing their domains from your email list(s) you are reducing PROBLEMS, not reducing response or profits.

Removing our members makes your life easier. Only a fool, or someone who just enjoys confrontation, would refuse to remove our email addresses from your database(s).
What will happen if I refuse to cooperate with OptOut1 Networks
This web site cooperates with SUEaSpammer.com in the event you cannot muster the strength to honor this very simple, very public opt-out request.

Simply put; you will be sued.

Perhaps not immediately. Maybe not for several months or years. Eventually, however, one of our members is going to get angry enough to take you to the cleaners if you insist on ignoring our valid and lawful desire to be removed from future mailings done by your company, affiliates, publishers or other third parties that send bulk email of any kind on your behalf.